Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mard ko dard nahi hota

How painful is it to see your little one being pricked at each vaccination and see him cry profusely? A lot indeed. But my wonder boy amazes me with that even. Eshu was some 6 weeks old when he had his first set of vaccinations(after the ones that are given at birth). There were 3 shots to be given in a row. Now, the mere thought of it was so scary for me as I had seen Eshu cry profusely when he had to undergo some blood tests when he was just a couple of days old. When the doctor came in, my heart started pounding heavily... poor little baby, wonder how much he will cry today. I just turned my head to the other side with Anshu holding Eshu's legs. To our astonishment, Eshu did not cry on the first shot. I credit the doctor completely for it! But with the subsequent shots he did cry. Quite understandable. Now what more can we expect from a 6 weeks old baby? But he showed some signs of being a strong baby.

Ever since, Eshu has never cried in any of the vaccinations. Ok, now that is an exaggeration... But he certainly has not cried in many that followed.. As soon as he would realize something pricked him, we would clap at him, show him a toy or simply smile at him. And that would do the trick!

Now, there was this blood test that was to be done when Eshu was 8 months old. And it was not just a prick. The needle had to go in, stay there for some time to draw in sufficient blood and then come out... which was a matter of quite a couple of seconds. The doctor made him lie down on the table, with the overhead lights on, making the whole thing look all the more scary. Though Eshu had been quite calm and composed on the vaccinations prior to this blood test, this was something which needed him to be more stable which was the toughest thing to be. Seeing my face, the doctor advised to go outside and wait. Anshu, who generally doesn't get that nervous was tensed to the core for this one. I was nervously standing outside waiting to hear the scream of my little one(which was the most certain thing on earth for me this time). Within seconds, Eshu came out smiling on his daddy's shoulders! There was a thick lump of cotton kept in place with a band-aid from where the blood was drawn. And all I did was look in amazement! Hats off baby... you certainly are my wonder boy.

It amazes me even more because for the kind of kid Eshu is, it is difficult for him to stay in one particular position for a count of even 5, except for the time when he is asleep. He is that
restless. So Eshu's blood tests or vaccinations are always nerving, turned surprising for us.

I hope my wonder boy has more and even bigger similar surprises for us in store.
Love you baby!


  1. Hahahaha I must tell you! Just a few days ago, I was watching this movie called "Mard" jisme Amitabh Bachchan keeps repeating this dialogue! :))

    To talk of vaccinations, Eshu definitely is a wonder boy! I mean, to this date, I create a BIGGGGGGGGGG hue and cry before every vaccination... so much so that, I wud refuse to get it done without papa around! He is the only who can pacify me in these conditions! The first time I went with Noobie, I must say I was being a brat! But he managed pretty well! :D

  2. Wow, what a big boy! I'm so glad he took it so well and made it easier on Mommy too! :)

  3. Oh, I'm following you now as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog (

  4. @ Neha- Thanks dear. undoubtedly this was something which surprised me exceptionally! I too had some fear but that was only as a child. Now, the prick doesn't mean a thing to me so my wonder boy takes after me!

  5. @ Momma Such - Thanks for dropping by again! My boy surely made it easier for me as far as ONLY vaccination is concerned!