Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Belated Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Sorry for not being able to wish you here yesterday. But, for very obvious reasons that you know now, I am sure you won't mind.

This birthday was indeed a special one for daddy dear as he celebrated it with his little wonder. The fun part was the magical candles that would relight after blowing out.

So on this special day of yours, all I wish to say is there are several reasons for which I love you and respect you immensely ...
  • You are a loving and responsible husband, father, son and a brother
  • You put family first.
  • You are the first person who I feel like telling, when something is going on in my mind. I love sharing even the silliest of thoughts.
  • You never get irritated or angry when I call you even 10 times a day when you are at work.
  • You are way too generous.
  • You do not spend on yourself for things which we can easliy afford.
  • You have a couple of expensive tastes but you don't spend just blindly and wait until we have that kind of money.
  • You don't drink, smoke or indulge in any habit or activity that could be harmful to our family.
  • You love and respect your parents and how immensely you are attached to them.
  • You are a wonderful human being and my pillar of support.

I have spent 3+ wonderful years of my life with you and all I have to say is I could not have got a better husband. I look for you when I need a shoulder to cry. You are the ONLY person I trust completely and have expectations from. I still wait for you to come back from office the same way each day. You are the best dad Eshu could have and the best husband I could have hoped for.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The lovely grandparents

It is joy beyond bounds to behold your little ones, as they be-hold their little ones. Being a grandparent is a combination of pride and pleasure. Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love. And they shower more love and more of everything than we parents can do for our children. Their arms are always open no matter what wrong their grandchildren do. They bestow upon their grandchildren the strengh and wisdom that time and experience has given them.

Eshu is blessed with a lovely set of grandparents who have showered their unwavering love on him. Now since both nana-nani and baba-dadi don't stay in Bangalore, I have seen the desperation within them to be able to see him all the time, to be able to hold him, hug him, kiss him or simply be close to him. This desperation of theirs over the phone in their voices makes me wonder, how immense is the love of a grand parent for his/her grandchild. Maybe I will be able to understand it or better said, feel it, when I become one.

When Eshu was born , his dadi was there in the US with us. I remember how happy she was when she held him for the first time .I could see that heavenly satisfaction in her eyes. And the day when she was returning back to India, Eshu was just 1 month 12 days old. She just could not hold her tears.. the seperation felt terrible. She would return back from the door to the room to see him just one more time before she leaves. When we came to India for bhaiya's wedding, Eshu's nana nani saw him for the first time. Eshu was sleeping in the room upstairs and as soon as they got down from the car, they just rushed upstairs to see him, ignorant of all the people in the way. All they wanted was to see him, hold him and love him. I could see their eyes filled with tears at the first glimpse of Eshu.

Now that we are back to India, his nana-nani and baba-dadi have visited us twice in a span of just 5 months. Since Eshu's baba is not able to get enough leaves to stay for a long period with us, I know how helpless he feels when he wants to see him and is unable to. They just satisfy themselves by seeing him over a webcam or the photographs that we send them. They keep seeing them over and over again and even that would not suffice.
Something magical happens when parents turn into grandparents. Their attitude changes from "money doen't grow on trees" to spending it like it does. Eshu loves the company of his grandparents and they way he is pampered. I and Anshu at times scream and shout at him, when he troubles us too much or even at times when we are in a bad mood, the anger just vents out at him. We loose our patience many a times. But his nana-nani, baba-dadi, unlike us, keep themselves so calm and composed no matter what. This is what differntiates them from us and places them high above us. Blessed be these ties that bind generations!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Friendship day

Remembering all those dear people in my life whom i labeled as "Friend". Thank you for blessing my life with your existance.
Wish you all a very very happy friendship day.
May this friendship last forever and may it grow stronger over the years to come!