Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crazy kiya re...

I am not talking about the famous song from the movie "Dhoom 2"... but this is my state(of body and mind) which my little tarzan has very efficiently managed to put me in... From morning till evening, I find myself running after him in all directions. And as the day comes to an end, my battery is totally exhausted. I try to steal a few minutes of sleep in the afternoon while Eshu is busy playing with his toys. But he makes sure I do not, by climbing all over me, banging his toys or anything in the vicinity over my head, putting his fingers into my nostrils, turning and twisting my nose, pulling my eyes lashes... basically doing every possible thing to keep me awake and upright.

I have a very dear friend of mine 'S' who lives in Pune and has a son 5 months older than Eshu. We talk over the phone very frequently and mostly the conversations are long enough. My ever increasing phone bills hold to the testimony of the same. :-) More than 95% of the time that I talk to her is eaten up by Eshu's conversations. I find myself being a avid complainer at all times. As soon as she asks me "Eshu kaisa hai?" my reply starts off with a growl... "Arey pooch mat... itna shaitaan ho gaya hai... koi kaam nahi karne deta... sab samaan utha ke fekta rehta hai... bla bla bla...." And almost a similar response comes from the other end. As a matter of fact, most of the mothers think their child is naughtier than the others. At least this is what I think when I talk to S. I feel Eshu is way more naughty than her son. Though I am cent percent sure she will disagree when she reads this. :-)

I've noticed that one thing about parents is that no matter what stage your child is in, the parents who have older children always tell you the next stage is worse. And this is a fact. I have friends who have kids younger than mine, and I have the same thing to say to them. These days, I have become vulnerably intollerrant to a lot of Eshu's activities. I feel terrible when I shout at him or scold him and tears flow down his chubby cheeks. The very next moment, I take him in my arms, hold him close and kiss him. The guilt does not go easily. But then why have I become like this?

When I became a mom, I had firmly decided not to be loud, harsh or ever raise my hand on Eshu. Then why am I not able to keep upto it? My li'l wonder, when he grows up and reads this would surely hate me for being like this to him at such a tender age. But now on, I will not adopt any of these inappropriate disciplines ... I will try atleast. He is too young to be able to understand what I intend to with my harshness and this is certainly not the solution to reprimand him.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww!!! Look at you baby!! There you are ranting away to glory!! ;) I am not really able to decide, who is the child here... you or Eshu! ;)

    See, my dear.. raising a child means that you have to act tough some times - but when he grows up to have his own children, he will be able to relate to everything you did :) And how every thing that you did was for his good and made him the man he will become!! :)

    So, for now... please do not blame yourself if you raise a hand on Eshu or shout at him... He is a molten clay right now... and it is upon you to mould him into a responsible adult. And if stick is needed to do that some times, so be it :)

    So, till then, to both you and S, Happy Ranting :))))

  2. I find myself very tired at night after chasing after my 4 sons as well. :)

  3. @ worldthrumyeyes - You seem to be speaking like some experienced mom... ;-) So I assume when your time comes you will turn out to be a wonderful mom!
    I know and understand completely the fact that being tough at times is not wrong... its just that when you see your little one drop those precious pearls from his eyes it makes you go weak in the stomach...

    @ Momma Such- You must be so much able to relate to this as you are and even more into my shoes.. Raising 4 kids and that too boys is boys are way way more naughty than girls!

  4. "boys are way way more naughty than girls!".. abhi se hamare Eshu ko badnaam kar rahe ho.. m sure wo bada hoke apne chacha ki tarah seedha insaan banega..

  5. One thing i am sure about is "Boys will be boys" no matter how old they are ! ;-)So for now Eshu is keeping you on your toes huh !!

  6. am waiting for the next one. jaldi jaldi likh some updates :)

  7. Believe me, this will pass and then after some years you will feel "oh I wish those days would come back so that I could spend some more time with my child"