Thursday, July 30, 2009

Childproofing your house

Each milestone requires a different set of things that need to be done to childproof your house. Some of which I have learnt from my personal experiences , some from both the set of parents and some from the experienced friends.

So here it goes:-
As your child starts to roll over, or is about to reach the stage in which babies roll over their tummies, one needs to get alert at all times. Safeguarding all ends of the bed with pillows and never leaving the baby alone. I have had some scary experiences where Eshu fell down from the bed, so its best to place the baby down all times unless and until you are around.
Those tiny heads have a lot going on within, which makes them extremely curious about their surroundings. So never leave anything around them which attracts them and could prove dangerous.

When the baby reaches the crawling stage, there is a lot that needs to be done.
First and foremost, remove all the needed stuff from the ground level that can be reached easily. Secure all the electric points with a tape. Putting their tiny fingers into the power points and switching on and off the plugs is an interesting game for them.
Leave no wire hanging down on the floor. Every thing that reaches their hands, finds its way to their mouths.
Keep all door mats, slippers/sandals away from their reach or vice versa. Shoes somehow attact them a lot.
Never keep the bathroom door open. Be very cautious about closing the door after each use.
Never leave the bucket/bathtub filled with water.
Never leave the main door/entrance open.

There would be several other things which people might like to add to the list with their experiences. Eshu is yet to reach the standing up(without support) and walking stage. But I know the task would only get tougher by the day.

Childproofing your house would never be completely done, atleast till the time he is old enough and understands what is harmful and what does not need to be done. Till that time just be a little extra cautious by keeping an eye on them all the time, because stopping them just won't do the job... it will only make them do more.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Messy and fussy

Ever since Eshu was some 2 months old, he had this habit of sucking his hand, his index finger and middle finger in particular. We found it funny and wierd as we had always heard of thumb sucking babies. This habit has slowly given way to putting anything and everything in his mouth. He bites and licks everything that comes his way-toys, sandals, slippers, door mat, cell phones, utensils, almirah, doors, latches, knobs, and to the extent his very own clothers that he is wearing. Just anyting. The minutest of the particle lying on the floor might go unnoticed by us, but not by him. I stop him as much as I can and finally when I get tired, I just give up. Much of the blame is put on teething. I guess it could be partly or maybe completely true.

At times, he sreams at the top of his voice for no reason at all. All he gains is the attention of the people around and immense pleaure from the reverbaration of his own voice. Who cares whether it is at home or at some public place. Look at his face at that time. How elated he looks when people look around to see him. A task accomplished.

Feeding him is another uphill task. Just 4-5 spoons full of anything I want him to eat and that is it. After that his lips would be so tighly closed that I just can't put anything in his mouth. Or even if I try, he will blow it off with such an intensity that it will end up sticking all over his face, my face, clothes and everything in the vicinity. After repeated efforts, I stop forcing him, because it doesn't work well for him or for me and leaves both of us frustrated.

Potty training seesions have been so much of a mess, that I have stopped doing them for some time atleast. His new potty seat has been fascinating him so much that he tries licking it as soon as I make him sit on that. I am just waiting for the day when he gets potty trained and at least is able to tell me that he needs to poop. Much of my tasks would be relieved then. I was telling this to my dad and he said, once he starts doing that you would long for the day when he starts cleaning it too on his own. I just smiled. I guess he is right.

And now comes the sleeping time. Eshu has been a very very scrace sleeper, anythime of the day or night. No matter how good I masaage him,feed him ,bathe him ... no matter how sleepy he is, rubbing his eyes vigorously or yawning with a full mouth, he denies to sleep. He becomes extremely cranky at that time but just won't sleep. It takes a lot of time, effort and immense patience to comfort him and make him go to sleep.

The list goes on and on... When I massage him, bathe him, dress him up, feed him. He seems to run away from my grip each time. The bowl of oil fascinates him as I massage him. The mug, bucket and the boby wash fascinate him as I bathe him. The cream /powder fascinates him as I dress him up after a bath. The bowl and the spoon fascinates him as I feed him. He has his hand on everything. The curiosity never leaves him. And, the vast reserves of energy and enthusiasum he carries, amazes me.

Each phase passes by ... leaving back memoies which are mostly sweet. Because the phase in which Eshu is or the phases which just passed by have been full of innocence and ignorance. I wish the ignorance disappers slowly but the innocence remains.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Watching you sleep is HAPPINESS.

Tracing that curve of your lips as you sleep is HAPPINESS.
Kissing your forehead when you sleep is HAPPINESS
Feeling the warmth of your snuggle is HAPPINESS.
Seeing you smile back every time I look at you is HAPPINESS.

A glimpse of your bunny teeth is HAPPINESS.
Watching you make faces when you like/dislike something you eat is HAPPINESS.
When you crawl so fast and jump to hug me is HAPPINESS.
Holding you in my arms is HAPPINESS.

Feeding you is HAPPINESS.
Singing to you to make you go to sleep is HAPPINESS.
Seeing you scream in delight as I bathe you is HAPPINESS.
Watching you engrossed playing your toys is HAPPINESS.
Feeling your hands run through my face, cheek and nose as though caressing me is beyond HAPPINESS.
And, seeing you happy and content is HEAVENLINESS.
Baby, my happiness lies in every little thing you do.
My happiness lies in your very existance.