Thursday, May 21, 2009

Motherhood and Introspection

There is nothing more pleasing, more satisfying and more wonderful than seeing your own little creation grow in front of you. Life changes dramatically, more than one can take. It's like having your heart go outside your body . Those 9 months of anticipation are filled with mixed feeling of nervousness, excitement, fear and alot more to be expressed in words. Life is like a fairy tale till the little one arrives. When he/she arrives, it is then, that the actual life starts.
A lot of things change in your life over a period of time but some happen overnight. The first and foremost thing that is attacked on is the sleep. Where sleep used to be an absolute luxary, I don't remember the last time I slept uniterrupted for 3 hours, be it day or night. There were those days when i used to love even grocery shopping, but now its my husband Anshu who does it alone. We used to eat whenever we were hungry, but now, we eat only when he is asleep. That's the only way we can eat peacefully. I used to return calls of my friends and family(which I miss most of the time) on time, but now I am often reminded by their subsequent calls. Sometimes days pass without even peeing into the mirror or even combing my hair. There is hardly time left for self grooming. Earlier, I used to desperatly wait for weekends or holidays. But now, all days are the same for me. Be it a Friday or a Monday. No time for any blues. And the thing that has changed immensely is my patience level(though I still tend to loose it fast at times). Motherhood teaches you a lot.
Once you are a mom, your priorities in life change. It has increased my love and respect for my parents too. It has changed me competely... my prespective towards life, the way I think, the way I do things and the way I spend my entire day. I am happy for everything that motherhood brought to me, for the most wonderful thing that has happened to me is with me and I thank God every moment for it.